Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hotwheels Kitbash

I had an illicit rummage in the kids toy box this evening and managed to salvage half a dozen decent Hotwheels cars for Axles and Alloys. I thought about a post-apocalyptic Mad Max rusty spikes and boilerplate approach but, based on the ones I've already converted, I've chosen a couple of souped up road race type cars for conversion into lethal pursuit vehicles.

One I could tackle first is the Pontiac GTO Judge in the picture above. The toy I found has lost it's ridiculous supercharger thing from the front end, leaving a neat rectangular recess in the bonnet which would be perfect for mounting a heavy weapon of some sort. For a simple conversion job, I could superglue the axles to stop the wheels spinning then add a Dark Future gun mount of some sort in the hole left by the absent engine block. A quick black spray undercoat and it'll be ready for painting.

Nice and easy.

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