Saturday, 23 January 2010

Radio Free Nbuto

As part of the AK47 campaign at the club Jon and I shoot the occasional propaganda report to and fro. Here's a transcript of the Radio Free Nbuto broadcast I posted on the club yahoo group after the recent AK47 game:


The government of the Independent Republic of Nbuto would like to clarify the outcome of recent events in the vicinity of Abadwe, as reported in the international press. A small force of misguided criminal elements, aided and abetted by the Lumatan Security Forces, attempted to ambush a F.A.R.T. patrol convoy on the Wanayani-Abadwe highway.

In the ensuing firefight the poorly armed and inadequately led insurgents were effectively repulsed with heavy loss of men and material. It is clear from interrogation of stragglers and from inspection of destroyed armoured vehicles that these irregular militia bandits were equipped and supported by the Lumatan Security Services (the infamous Triple S).

F.A.R.T. intelligence sources indicate that the entire operation was masterminded by the Lumatan regime in an attempt to undermine the legitimate government of Nbuto. As a consequence of this act of aggression, the Force Action Rapide Territoriale will be augmented by an immediate mobilisation of the P.A.R.P. gendarmerie, in order to strengthen the internal security of our homeland.

Vive Nbuto!

Commandant Jean Phillipe Croissant
President, Independant Republic of Nbuto

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