Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Timecast Hootches

I had a rummage on the top shelf of my workbench yesterday and found four Timecast resin hootches that I'd forgotten that I had bought at Warfare a couple of years ago.

They were destined for my French Indochina project but will now be painted up and based for my ARVN to Search and Destroy. I wanted more than the two buildings supplied in the pack so bought a second set. I'll arrange and base them so that they appear to have a bit of variation, despite being identical castings. They're really nice models and should paint up well.

In the future I may splash some more cash and buy a couple of the pre-painted and based versions of the Timecast 10mm range. Dave has a very nice Vietnamese village based up and painted by Timecast which didn't cost a fortune and looks really good. I'm going to try to match the painting shades and basing materials of the Timecast pre-painted buidlings as far as possible but I'm sure mine won't be quite as good!

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