Sunday, 31 January 2010

Where is the Independent Republic of Nbuto?

Yes, indeed.

I've been thinking of drawing up some sort of simple map to set out the geography of my AK47 colonial settler nation, the glorious Independent Republic of Nbuto. In all of the games that I've played so far against Jon's Lumatan-Zumatan forces, I've written up an after action report that features a few key locations. From the shanty towns of Watumbi, via the Wanayani Bridge over the Chokwe River to the Mtwange-Batufu corridor, the geography of Nbuto has gradually taken shape. However, it's all a bit vague at the moment, in true AK47 style.

What I'd like to do is sketch out the relative position of some key areas and locations, so that it all starts to make some sense. I'll definately want to include some disputed border lines with neighbouring Lumata and Zumata. I also want to add a couple of other adjacent countries that I can adopt as future territories for my Dictatorship and Superpower Backed armies. I will then be able to add in the places I've already mentioned in dispatches, adding some interesting features such as lakes, rivers, swamps, railway lines, roads and towns, alongside the usual areas of hills, bush and jungle.

I've got some holiday time coming up in a couple of weeks so I'll set some time aside when I'm away (not in France for a change!) to devise a map and a little historical background for the Nbuto regime.

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