Thursday, 7 January 2010


I've been playing around with the Battlegroups gizmo on the BKC website and have devised this Norwegian battlegroup, based on an orbat from a very good website that I found:

Norwegian Army, Norway (April 1940)
1 CO (CV8) [90]
4 HQ (CV8) [240]
1 FAO (CV6)[15]
9 Infantry Unit (Regulars) [360]
3 Support Unit (MG, Colt) [120]
1 Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm) [75]
2 Artillery Units (75mm) [60]

4 x Artillery HE (40 points)

Breakpoint 7
1000 points

It is spot on 1000 points, as you can see, and matches the actual orbat for an Infantry Battalion with an attached 7.5cm Artillery Battery off table and an FAO.

It breaks the points limits by having one extra HQ stand and I've made up the round 1000 by adding artillery assets, but otherwise it's fine. Isuppose I could split up the MG company and distribute the bases one per infantry platoon, which I suspect is what they would have done anyway? This would then eliminate the extra HQ and bring the battlegroup in line with the restrictions.

I reckon I can use the Pendraken Austro-Hungarians for both the infantry, the HMG's and guns, as the Austrian 76.2mm field gun is very similar to the Norwegian 7.5 cm feltkanon m/01 and the Colt HMG is a match for the Austrian HMG. It would be nice to find some LMG figures for the Madsens in each rifle platoon but I can do without them. I'll need some mortars but I can use spare artillery crew and some French mortars I have in a box somewhere.

I've just got to work out the packs I need and get them ordered.

If you're wondering why I've not completed any more ARVN stuff it's because I've finally run out of glue, having finished off the last of it on an M125 yesterday. I should be able to get hold of some tomorrow but, in the mean time, I'll do a couple of bases of special forces to keep myself busy.

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