Thursday, 7 January 2010

Noggies Update

I've just ordered the Norwegians (Austro Hungarians) from Pendraken via the One Stop 10mm Shop. The total order only came to just over £20 and should provide me with all I need, minus the mortar and some extra figures for the HQ and CO bases.

I've ordered five packs of the infantry in cap, one pack of HMG's, one pack of Field Guns and one pack of High Command. I'm sure I'll have to find some extra figures to add variety to the bases as the Pendraken packs usually only have one or two variations, possibly by using some of the new packs of Finns or even some DAK?

Nonetheless, I should be able to do most of the 1000 points with what I've ordered. It shouldn't take too long to get them based up and painted either, especially as there are no vehicles.

I will, of course, get the ARVN done first!


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