Monday, 11 January 2010

F Toys Bearcat

I got the 1/144th scale pre-painted Bearcat in the post today. It's an F-Toys Gashapon model and, at first glance, looks really good. It has optional raised or lowered undercarriage, seperate 500lb bombs, rockets and a ventral fuel tank, plus a clear canopy and US Navy decals. I'll need to put it together, re-paint and decal it in French markings but otherwise it's off the shelf.

I won't be putting it together in the near future as I have plenty of other things to get on with, including the last of the M113 ACAV's now I have some gel superglue, but it'll definately be a valuable addition to my CEFEO battlegroup for Indochina. I'm tempted to get a second one but don't really need one so will probably resist. It's a shame they weren't used by the VNAF in the 1960's otherwise I'd have one for my ARVN air support!

Good stuff!

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  1. Nice blog! Thanks for posting the link on the lead forum otherwise I would have never found it!