Monday, 18 January 2010

Paint Test

I spent some time yesterday with my modest collection of acrylic paints working out the base colour for the ARVN AFV's.

After testing twenty plus different shades of mid to dark green, including multi-various colours from Vallejo, GW, Foundry, Coat d'Arms and Revell, I've picked out two or three that might do as a heavy wet brush basecoat for the M113's and M41's.

I'm going to try a 50:50 mix of GW Knarloc Green with Foundry Phlegm Green shade, the former for consistency and depth, with the latter for shade and tone. I'll highlight with a drybrush of Phlegm Green and Phlegm Green light, together with highlights of GW bleached bone, or something similar, depending on the success of the previous efforts.

Or I might just use GW Catachan Green...

It should be an interesting experiment anyway?

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