Friday, 8 January 2010

Trucks and Troops

I tried to get some gel superglue today but the local shop didn't have any and, as the roads are all iced up with frozen snow, I couldn't get to Homebase to re-stock. I did get some of the liquid stuff in the annoying little tubes but will only use that if I have to. We're off to town tomorrow by foot through the snow so I'll definately buy up a load of gel glue so I don't run short again this month.

In the meantime I've been considering the orbat for the Norwegians and think I could ditch all bar one of the HQ's to fit the points limits. If I used the one remaining base as the battalion HQ, then attached the CO to the whole formation, that would work better and would save me the effort of basing up three extra HQ units.

In the new rules, Pete Andrews suggests downsizing the bases of the HQ units to 25mm x 25mm to allow them to be placed in bunkers, trenches etc. I will probably do something similar (30mm x 30mm?) because I don't have any HQ vehicles so the bases will be a bit drafty if they're a couple of figures on a 40mm x 40mm square!

The CO bases have also been scaled down to 40mm x 40mm, but this should be fine if I use a spare light truck and dispatch rider left over from my French battlegroup, both to add some interest and fill up the space. I've got various tents, boxes, barrels and the like which I can also use to make the CO base a bit more lived in.

Norwegian trucks have also been giving me some thought recently as I'd quite like some to tow and/or carry my field guns if they end up on table. Apparently, most of the artillery was horse drawn but trucks were also used to carry around the guns that hadn't been re-wheeled with pneumatic tyres.

After a bit of research it seems that Chevrolet and GMC trucks were used by the Norwegians. There are some nice Fords in the Pithead German range (see the photo at the top) which might do. I'm only allowed three but it would add some interest and mobility to the battlegroup.

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